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Bronx County Archives Finding Aids

The Bronx County Archives at The Bronx County Historical Society Research Library contain the most extensive collection of archival material on Bronx history, culture, organizations, and individuals in the world.

Here you can find a list of the collections housed in The Bronx County Archives, as well as finding aids, as they become available.

Audio and Visual Collections

Reference Title Dates Finding Aid
AV-NAISON Dr. Mark Naison music collection 1950s–2010s In progress
AV-SPENCER Arthur Pete Spencer Jr. music collection 1970–2001 Available
AV-WEISLER Weisler-Langer family film collection 1931–1959 Available

Paper and Mixed Media Collections

Reference Title Dates Finding Aid
MS-ABRAMSAG Robert Abrams Attorney General papers 1978–1993 Unprocessed
MS-ABRAMSBPP Robert Abrams Bronx Borough President papers 1970–1978 Available
MS-AHIU At Home in Utopia collection 1900s–2009 Available
MS-AKAEOO Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®, Eta Omega Omega Bronx Chapter records 1964– Available
MS-APTECKER George Aptecker papers and prints c.1940s–2018 In progress
MS-ARGENTI Karen Argenti papers 1979–1986 Available
MS-ARGOTE Argote Family papers 1950–1983 Available
MS-BADILLO Herman Badillo papers 1966–1970 Available
MS-BBPAR Bronx Borough President Annual Reports 1910–1939 Available
MS-BBT Bronx Board of Trade records 1894–1966 In progress
MS-BCA Bronx Council on the Arts records c.1970–1988 In progress
MS-BCC Bronx County Clerk records c.1913–1925 In progress
MS-BCCOM Bronx Chamber of Commerce records c.1980–1999 Unprocessed
MS-BCHS Bronx County Historical Society records 1955–2020 In progress
MS-BEATTIE Brenda Beattie-Neuman papers 1986–2020 Available
MS-BELL Frederick Bell papers on St. Augustine Presbyterian Church 1930s–1960s Available
MS-BENJAMIN Michael A. Benjamin papers 2003–2009 Unprocessed
MS-BIAGGI Mario Biaggi papers 1969–1988 Unprocessed
MS-BIGELOW Bill Bigelow papers 1967–1987 Available
MS-BINGHAM Jonathan Bingham papers 1965–1982 In progress
MS-BLA Bronx Library Association records 1975–1990 Available
MS-BMA Bronx Museum of the Arts records 1971–1974 In progress
MS-BONO Ludwig P. Bono papers c.1960–1990 In progress
MS-BOTA Bronx Old Timers Association records 1911–1978 Available
MS-BOWMAN Jamaal Bowman campaign collection 2020 Available
MS-BSABX Boy Scouts of America Bronx Council records 1915–2013 Available
MS-BSAS Bronx Society of Arts and Sciences records 1905–1993 Available
MS-BSO Bronx Symphony Orchestra records c.1960–2006 Available
MS-BTA Baychester Nereid Taxpayers and Civic Association records 1926–2002 Available
MS-BXPC Bronx Political Campaigns collection 1955–2020 Available
MS-BXRR Bronx River Restoration Project records 1922–2007 Available
MS-BXT Bronx Theatre records 1914–1917 Available
MS-CANCEL Luis Cancel papers c.1975–1995 In progress
MS-CARP David M. Carp papers c.1930–1990s In progress
MS-CARRION Adolfo Carrión, Jr. papers 1998–2009 Unprocessed
MS-CHC City History Club records c.1950–1994 Available
MS-COLEMAN Dennis Coleman papers c.1990–2005 Unprocessed
MS-DAVIES J. Clarence Davies papers c.1900–1930 Available
MS-DAWSON Henry B. Dawson diaries 1841–1843 Available
MS-DCPBX Department of City Planning, Bronx Office records c.1960–1990s In progress
MS-DDC Decatur Democratic Club records 1944–1981 Available
MS-DICKERSON Dr. Angie Dickerson papers 1910–1981 In progress
MS-DIPASQ Domenick DiPasquale papers 1903–2020 Available
MS-DST Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Bronx Alumnae Chapter 1968– Available
MS-EBBP Early Bronx Borough Presidents records 1891–1942 In progress
MS-EBBPLB Early Bronx Borough Presidents, Local Board records 1901–1933 Available
MS-EICHMANN Eichmann Family Papers 1870–1970 Available
MS-FAGIANI Gil Fagiani papers 1940–2021 Available
MS-FDNYBX Fire Department of New York, Bronx records 1874–1985 In progress
MS-FERNANDEZ Mariposa Fernández papers 1978–2020 Available
MS-FERRER Fernando Ferrer papers 1987–2001 Unprocessed
MS-FERRIS Ferris Family papers 1896–1940s Available
MS-FLECK Irma Fleck papers 1965–1985 Unprocessed
MS-FOSTER Rev. Wendell Foster papers 1979–1998 In progress
MS-FOX Maskell "Jun" Fox papers 1932–1964 Available
MS-FRIEDMAN George Friedman papers 1976–1994 Unprocessed
MS-GALLAGHER Virginia Gallagher papers 1965–2011 Available
MS-GARCIA Robert Garcia papers 1974–1990 Unprocessed
MS-GERSCHON Elsa Gerschon papers c.1920–2000s Unprocessed
MS-GESCHEIDT Albert F. Gescheidt papers 1873–1922 Unprocessed
Grand Jurors Association records c.1930–1960s Unprocessed
MS-GNYCC Greater New York Centennial Commission records 1994–1999 Available
MS-GOMPERS Gompers High School records 1945–1990s In progress
MS-GORDON Maxine Gordon papers on Bronx Jazz 1960–2008 Available
MS-GREENE Aurelia Greene papers c.1994–2009 In progress
MS-GROSS Max Gross papers 1961–1966 In progress
MS-HAFFEN Louis F. Haffen papers 1904–1905 Available
MS-HAFFENFAM Haffen family papers 1873–1958 Available
MS-HALLOCK Hallock & Hallock records c.1890–1945 Unprocessed
MS-HALPERN Carl Halpern papers c.1900–1986 In progress
MS-HAUBEN Daniel Hauben papers 1980–2016 Available
MS-HCC Hostos Community College records 1968–1979 Available
MS-HERMALYN Hermalyn Family papers c.1920–2012 In progress
MS-HNYCP History of New York City Project records 1981–2010 Available
MS-HOE R. Hoe & Co., Inc. records 1885–1950s In progress
MS-JACKJILL Jack and Jill of America, Inc., Bronx Chapter records 1994– Available
MS-JHS82 J.H.S. 82 (Macomb's Junior High School) records 1931–2000 Available
MS-JOHNSTON Johnston-Weiss Family papers 1870s–1977 Available
MS-KARMON Elias Karmon papers 1926–2008 Available
MS-KEELER Samuel Keeler papers 1899–1928 Available
MS-KERLIN Gilbert Kerlin papers on the Riverdale Community Planning Association c.1930–1994 Available
MS-KOPPELL G. Oliver Koppell papers c.1970–2013 In progress
MS-KRASDALE Krasdale Foods records c.1990–2009 Unprocessed
MS-LAMB Lester E. Lamb papers c.1860–1960s Available
MS-LAWRENCE Richard W. Lawrence papers c.1900–1948 In progress
MS-LEBRÓN Jesús Lebrón papers 1977–2018 Available
MS-LEIPER Joseph McCarrell Leiper papers 1914–1988 Available
MS-LERNER Murray P. Lerner papers 1931–1979 Available
MS-LEWIS Don Lewis papers on The Bronx Zoo c.1880–2012 In progress
MS-LINDBERGH Lindbergh Kidnapping Case papers 1932 Available
MS-LUHBY Luhby Real Estate records 1916–1980s Unprocessed
MS-LYONS James J. Lyons papers c.1930s–1961 In progress
MS-MARCH Donald R. March papers 1902–2014 Available
MS-MARTELL Esperanza Martell papers 1969–present Available
MS-MARVIN Seth L. Marvin New York Yankees print memorabilia 1976–2011 Available
MS-MASSARO Dominic Massaro papers c.1966–1990s In progress
MS-MCGEE Hansel L. McGee papers 1950–2002 In progress
MS-MCNAMEE Albert J. McNamee papers 1876–2002 Available
MS-MHS Morris High School records c.1897–1987 In progress
MS-MPUB Milady Publishing Company records c.1970–1990s In progress
MS-NWBCCC Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition records 1975–2005 In progress
MS-NYPDBX New York Police Department, Bronx blotters c.1865–1950s In progress
MS-NYUCHANC New York University, Office of the Chancellor records 1884–1971 In progress
MS-NYUHOF New York University, Hall of Fame records 1901–1955 Unprocessed
MS-OCONNOR O'Connor Family papers 1912–1917 Available
MS-PALUMBO Nick Palumbo papers ——— In progress
MS-PATT Rebecca Patt Cohen papers 1937–1950s Available
MS-PERICONI Joseph F. Periconi, Jr. papers c.1940–1980s In progress
MS-PROVENZANO Madeline Provenzano papers c.1990–2005 Unprocessed
MS-PPJC Pelham Parkway Jewish Center records 1949–2008 Available
MS-PS6 P.S. 6 records 1867–1919 Available
MS-PS31 P.S. 31 records c.1980–2000 Unprocessed
MS-RCPH Roman Catholic Parish Histories 1842–1997 Available
MS-RGC Riverdale Garden Club records 1928–1982 In progress
MS-ROBINSON Jackie Robinson papers 1943–1955 Available
MS-ROSENBLUM Paul "Pete" Rosenblum papers c.1940s–2009 Available
MS-ROSENSTEIN Carl Rosenstein papers 1892–2009 Available
MS-ROSENTHAL Mel Rosenthal papers 1967–1995 Available
MS-RPA Regional Plan Association records 1911–1990 In progress
MS-RSC. Riverdale Shakespeare Club records c.1917–2006 In progress
MS-SARGENT Diane Sargent papers 1990s Unprocessed
MS-SBC South Bronx Churches records 1987–2005 In progress
MS-SBH St. Barnabus Hospital records 1867–1999 In progress
MS-SCHLIESSMAN Ron Schliessman papers c.1880–1920 Unprocessed
MS-SCHWARTZ Dr. George D. Schwartz papers 1914–1960 Available
MS-STEVENSON Gelvin Stevenson papers on Arson and Housing Abandonment 1959–1997 Available
MS-SULLIVAN Maxine Sullivan papers c.1950–1980s In progress
MS-TIECK William A. Tieck papers c.1930–1985 In progress
MS-THAYER Millie S. Thayer papers 1969–2009 Available
MS-TOBIER Emanuel Tobier papers 20th c. In progress
MS-TOWNS Bronx Towns and Topographical Bureau records c.1850–1951 In progress
MS-ULBX Urban League, Bronx Branch records 1949–2007 Available
MS-VISHNER Esther Dobkin Vishner papers 1920–1977 Available
MS-VOZICK Alexandra Vozick Hans papers 1927–2006 Available
MS-VVH Valentine-Varian House records 1934–1978 Available
MS-WBYR West Bronx Young Republican Club records 1950–1969 Available
MS-WRCRSD Women's Republican Club of Riverdale and Spuyten Duyvil records 1921–1964 Available
MS-WOOLFSON William C. Woolfson papers 1934–1988 Available

Newspaper Collections

Reference Title Dates Finding Aid
NW-BPR Bronx Press Review collection c.1950–1990s In progress
NW-BHN Bronx Home News collection 1907–1948; 1967; 1969–1971 In progress
NW-BXSCHOOLS Bronx Schools newspaper collection 1933–1969 Available
NW-LISTENER Listener-News collection 1939 Available
NW-STAR The Bronx Star collection 1908 Available

Oral History Collections

Reference Title Dates Finding Aid
OH-BAADP Bronx Aerosol Arts Documentary Project 1970s–present In progress
OH-BAAHP Bronx African American History Project 1930s–present In progress
OH-BLHP Bronx Latino History Project 1930s–present In progress

Photograph Collections

Reference Title Dates Finding Aid
PH-BPR Bronx Press-Review photograph collection 1980s–1990s Unprocessed
PH-DANYLUK Nestor Danyluk photograph collection c.1970–1980s In progress
PH-DIETRICH Dietrich Family photograph collection 1861–1940s Available
PH-GARSHA David Garsha graffiti arts photograph collection 1987–present Unprocessed
PH-HOFFMAN Hoffman Family photograph collection 1878–1955 Available
PH-MCNAMARA John McNamara photographic slides 1888–1960s In progress
PH-NEWSUM Phil Newsum photograph collection c.1950–1960s Available
PH-PS58 P.S. 58 photograph collection c.1950–1970s Available
PH-SCHLIESSMAN Ron Schliessman photographic slides c.1870–1966 Available
PH-ROSENTHAL Mel Rosenthal photograph collection 1976–1988 Available
PH-VERGARA Camilo José Vergara photographic slides c.1970–1990s Available
PH-ZUCKERMAN Ira L. Zuckerman photograph collection 1860–2012 Available