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Digital image of poster by Young Lords Organization, with an illustration of heroin addicts by Denise Oliver and a poem by Felipe Luciano. This poster was gifted to Esperanza Martell by Professor Terry Mizrahi of the Silberman School of Social Work…

Rompiendo Puertas (Break and Enter), a movie made by the Thirdworld Newsreel Collective in New York City about "Operation Move-in," an action that Puerto Rican and Dominican families organized to reclaim vacant housing in Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Speech of Esperanza Martell on behalf of Puerto Rican political prisoners in front of New York City Council on September 23, 1992, filmed by José Rivera.

Article written by Esperanza Martell, "'In the Belly of the Beast': Beyond Survival," originally published in The Puerto Rican Movement (Temple University Press), in which Esperanza relates her life and experience as an organizer in a variety of…

Article written by Terry Mizrahi, Esperanza Martell, Kata Cavanaugh, and Allison Weingarten, "Learning in Community: A Transformative Healing Educational Model for Teaching Community Organizing," published in Holistic Engagement: Transformative…

Article written by Katheryn Crawford, Esperanza Martell, Mustafa Sullivan, and Jessie Ngok, "Generational and Ancestral Healing in Community: Urban Atabex Herstory," published in Genealogy 5 (2021), about Urban Atabex Organizing and Healing in…

Discussing Ancestral Trauma, and the historical significance in restoring indigenous spirituality, a sit down discussion with Esperanza Martell.
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