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  • Collection: David M. Carp Papers on Latin Jazz

Subject file for Lillian Clark, a singer who performed with many of the top musicians during the Big Band era.

Subject file, folder 1, on Buck Clayton (William Dorsey Clayton), jazz trumpeter and member of Count Basie's orchestra.

Subject file, folder 2, on Buck Clayton (William Dorsey Clayton), jazz trumpeter and member of Count Basie's orchestra.

Subject file on Leroy Clouden, a widely recorded drummer and percussionist based out of New York City.

Subject file on Club 181 (1945–1951), a Lower East Side venue that was formerly the Yiddish-language Louis N. Jaffe Art Theater (1926–1945) and later became the Phoenix Theatre (1953–1961). Club 181 in particular was known for shows featuring "female…

Subject file on Club 28, nightclub and performance venue located at 3111 Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn.

Subject file on Club Babalu, a nightclub and performance venue located at 129th Street and Broadway.

Subject file on Club Baron, a Harlem nightclub and performance venue formerly located at 132nd Street and Lenox Avenue (where Revolution Books is now located).

Subject file for Club Caborrojeño, a Latin music club located at 145th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

Subject file for Club Calypso, a Caribbean nightclub and music venue located at 2837 Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, right across from The Bronx.

Subject file for Club Carib, a nightclub and music venue located at 333 Bayview Avenue in Inwood, New York, on Long Island.

Subject file for Club Coronet, also known as the Blue Coronet, a famous Brooklyn nightclub and music venue.

Subject file for Club Cubanacan, a Latin music club that opened in Harlem at 114th Street and Lenox Avenue in 1934.

Subject file for Club Downbeat, one of many jazz clubs on 52nd Street in Manhattan that featured the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and other jazz legends.

Subject file for Club El Batey, a nightclub and Latin music venue that opened in 1953 along Third Avenue in The Bronx near the Claremont Parkway along the now demolished Third Avenue El.

Subject file for Club Hatuey, also known as "La Asociación Cubana," a Cuban dancing club located in the Bronx in the late 1930s.

Subject file for Club Obrero Chileno, Chilean workers club located in the Bronx in the late 1930s.

Subject file for Club Reyes, a dinner and theater club located in the Bronx in the early 1950s.

Subject file for Club Ruby, a famous music club which had its grand opening in May 1953, and featured famous artists like Josh White.

Subject file for Club Tropicoro, popular Latin music nightclub owned by the famous boxer and South Bronx native, Carlos Ortiz. The glamorous club ran through the 1960s
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