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"Ode to the Nuyorican," the first published poem of Mariposa Fernández, published in New York Newsday on June 11, 1995, in a feature spread with poetry by other Puerto Rican poets.

Subject file for Ewart Abner, American record company executive, president of Motown Records, and manager for Stevie Wonder.

Subject file for Charles Abreu, Cuban composer and pianist.

Subject file for Sergio Acebal, Afro-cuban vocalist, comedian, and actor.

Subject file for Miguel Ángel Acevedo, known typically as Mike Acevedo, Puerto Rican singer and composer.

Subject file for Plácido Acevedo, Puerto Rican flutist, trumpet player, and composer.

Subject file for Miguel Aceves Mejía, Mexican actor, composer, and singer.

Subject file for Leonardo Acosta, Cuban musician, ethnomusicologist, literary critic, journalist, and narrator.

Subject file for Alex Acuna, one of the world’s most versatile drummers/percussionists.

Additional scrapbook photographs of Carolyn Bowman, first initiate into Eta Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

ABC7 online news article about and videos of the Alpha Kappa Alpha watch party celebrating the inauguration of President Joe Biden and fellow AKA Vice-President Kamala Harris.

beautiful Nearlene pic from her daughter_001.jpg
Second photograph of Nearlene Bertin as a young woman.

UNIverses., a chapbook of poetry written by Bronx-based poet Anthony Morales

Folder containing documents from Danny Argote's service in the U.S. Army

Folder containing documents from Danny Argote's application to and enrollment in Bethany College, where he intended to study for the Christian ministry.

Folder containing documents from Danny Argote's time at James K. Paulding Junior High School and Machine and Metal Trades High School.

Folder containing letter written by Danny Argote to Hampton Christian Church in New York, New York, where he planned to give a talk on the situation of Puerto Ricans in the New York area.

Folder containing documents from Danny Argote's applications to various institutions of higher learning.

Folder containing letter written by Danny Argote on behalf of Pvt. Peter Santos, advising that he not be sent on a hardship tour in Vietnam.

Folder containing letter from the U.S. Passport Office to Danny Argote.
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