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On the Tracks: Graffiti in NYC

Researching and learning more about the history of graffiti art by exploring the Bronx Aerosol Arts Archive is what ultimately inspired this project on NYC Graffiti History. Witnessing how varied, bold, and beautiful graffiti art was, despite being heavily criminalized and looked down upon, really made me want to discover what made graffiti so different from other types of street art. Not only that, but I also wanted to understand the appeal of graffiti for NYC graffiti artists and why they would risk everything to continue their art. Lastly, I wanted to understand why graffiti was such a male dominated art and shed light on the many female graffiti artists in NYC. The more I learned, the more I wished I was actually there to see for myself how graffiti in NYC came to be and was: Thus, why I narrated the video through the perspective of someone who wants to be a graffiti artist themselves.


The Bronx Aerosol Arts Documentary Collection, https://digital.bchslibrary.org/collections/show/14.


Shekinah Green