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Search Tips

Use the search bar on the left to search the current content of Bronx History Online. By default, the search bar searches for each word of an inquiry separately. For example, a search for Hunts Point Palace will return results for Hunts, results for Point, and results for Palace—which typically is not very useful.

To attain more precise results, click the ... to the right of the search bar. Then specify Boolean as the query type. To conduct the same search as above this way, you would search for "Hunts Point Palace" (in quotation marks), which will only return results that contain the exact phrase Hunts Point Palace.

The default search searches all record types. Item records contain a digital item along with associated metadata (subjects, creator, date created, etc.). File records comprise the individual files (PDFs, JPGs, etc.) that are stored under Item records. Collection records include the larger collections of associated items (e.g., the David M. Carp papers). Simple Page searches all of the other pages included on this site, including finding aids for archival collections (the majority of which do not yet have digital content represented on this site). Exhibit and Exhibit Page include all of the content associated with digital exhibits.

Individual researchers will have to determine which combination of record types works best for their particular search. The default search will include records that are duplicated in various forms. For example, a Boolean search of "Hunts Point Palace" will include items whose metadata specifically identifies this music venue as relevant as well as all individual files that include the phrase Hunts Point Palace, even if in passing. It is generally a good idea to start with a more comprehensive search and then narrow it down to find the best results.

Please contact the librarian and archivist, Dr. Steven Payne, at librarian AT bornxhistoricalsociety.org with any questions you may have. He would be happy to assist you in your search.